Integrated Labs – 140+ food triggers

The Gundry Health platform offers a comprehensive approach to gut health improvement, utilizing integrated lab tests, medical evaluations, and monthly support. Our members have exclusive access to a personalized EMR system to review and manage their medical and lab records.


We are on the forefront of healthcare innovation.


We are seamlessly integrated with labs and care coordinators.


We are dedicated to providing solutions and care.

One Platform: Complete Clinical Care

The Gundry Health medical platform is a turn-key solution to identifying and treating autoimmune disease.  Our platform is HIPAA compliant and provides full access to all your medical records and labs in one easy to use system.

Gundry Health Gundry Health dashboard on the laptop
  • Blood Lab Analysis

At no additional charge, patients receive up to 4 annual lab reports. Labs are integrated with the web and mobile app for easy to access.

  • Electronic Medical Records

Medical records and Labs are stored in a HIPAA compliant system and can be accessed anywhere using your login or Digital Identity.

  • Mobile & Web Platform

Your data, lab reports and medical records can be viewed online using the web portal and lab data can be accessed by the mobile application.

  • Advanced Treatment & Follow Up

You are not alone in treating autoimmune disease.  Our care specialist are with you the entire way.  We treat Autoimmune with science and personal care.

Your Digital Identity

Your unique Blockchain Digital Identity protects your data using the highest data protocols.

Integrated Blood Labs

At no additional charge – patients receive up to 4 lab test per year.

Gundry Health Gundry Health Lab Dashboard screen

Lab Dashboard

Our medical lab platform offers a comprehensive and interactive dashboard that is easy to use.  Your lab data and results are all at your fingertips.

Gundry Health Gundry Health Lab Dashboard

Web Lab Data

Our web portal offers expanded lab results and provides in-depth information about food triggers that cause leaky gut and autoimmune disease.

Gundry Health Gundry Health Lab Dashboard and phone

Mobile Lab Data

Our mobile system offers high level lab results and food logging so you can narrow down what might be causing leaky gut or autoimmune disease.

Electronic Medical Records

Patient data is secure using our HIPAA compliant medical records platform.

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Mobile App & Food Log

The Gundry Health mobile app provides a personalized Yes/No food list, integrated lab data and scores, and provides food logging to help identify autoimmune triggers.

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Making Hard, Easy.

The Gundry Health protocol makes a very difficult diagnosis easy to understand and treat.  With over 20 years of successful treatments, Dr. Gundry’s protocol is now available on a national level with our integrated autoimmune care system.