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Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Identifying and treating autoimmune disease can be difficult.  The Dr. Gundry protocol was established using over 20 years of clinical trials and patient care experience.

What is autoimmune disease?2023-02-06T06:06:35+00:00

An autoimmune disease is a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the body. These attacks can affect any part of the body, weakening bodily function and even turning life-threatening.

Who are Gundry Health care coordinators?2024-01-24T07:01:25+00:00

Each coordinator is trained on the Gundry Health protocol and is certified by our Gundry Health Patient care team. Each patient is assigned a care coordinator that provides a full lab review and outlines a personal plan.

Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?2023-02-06T06:07:21+00:00

Dr. Steven Gundry is a cardiothoracic surgeon, heart surgeon, medical researcher, and author. Dr. Gundry has performed 10,000 surgeries and has over 20 years of experience treating autoimmune disease.

Where and how do I get tested? What if there are no lab facilities close to me?2024-01-24T07:00:07+00:00

We understand many factors like time, location, and even fuel costs can affect getting tested. That’s why Gundry Health will ship you one of our proprietary home lab kits direct to your home or office. This way, you don’t need to worry about time, location, or any other factor that can prevent you from completing your lab testing. Complete the test and mail it back in the pre-paid overnight delivery package. A care coordinator reviews lab data, and a specific plan is provided. Members get tested 4 times a year included in the plan.

What is the cost for using the Gundry Health mobile app?2023-02-06T06:05:03+00:00

Gundry Health Mobile App is free for all patients, and we encourage our patients to use it. Please visit the Gundry Platform page for more information.

How much does membership cost and what is included?2023-02-06T06:08:06+00:00

The Gundry Clinical Program is offered nationwide for only $999 one-time fee and an additional $199 per month for ongoing concierge care (a $10,000+ value). Each patient is assigned a care provider and a Board Certified Doctor. Our doctors will review labs and medical charts and provide a personalized treatment plan. Up to 4 annual lab reports are included at no additional charge. All patients have free access to the Gundry Health Mobile App which provides access to lab data and easy to use food logging to track your progress.


What is Gundry Health mobile app and what do I use it for?2023-02-06T06:05:21+00:00

Gundry Health mobile app allows you can request a call back from a patient care specialist, check your lab reports with our easy-to-read charts, download your lab data, make sure the foods you want to eat are safe by using the Yes/No food list and the app provides complete food logging that is shared with your doctor to ensure the best class of care.

What is Gundry Health and is it included with my membership?2024-01-24T07:04:07+00:00

Gundry Health platform is a highly customized health platform that provides access to care coordinators to help members suffering from leaky gut and autoimmune disease.  The Gundry Health Telehealth platform offers HIPAA Compliant and EMR Integrated solutions that ensure the best quality of care.  Gundry Health patients receive up to 4 annual in-depth blood lab data panels with data on over 140 food markers to help identify the potential cause of an autoimmune disease.

What if I want to end my membership?2023-02-06T06:04:07+00:00

We do not come across these requests often, but if a member decides to end the monthly membership, they can do so by calling customer service at (855) 592-7939 during 9AM and 6PM EST to talk to a patient care specialist.

What does the lab test for?2023-02-06T06:01:56+00:00

The Gundry Health Program tests for intestinal permeability, Food Sensitivity and provides over 140 food marker scores with IgG (Immunoglobulin G) and IgA (Immunoglobulin A) statistical data. Lab results are displayed on Gundry Health mobile applications.

What do your lab tests reveal about allergies and sensitivities?2023-10-24T11:47:30+00:00

Our lab tests provide valuable insights into what your body may be allergic or sensitive to. This information aids in crafting a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Most common autoimmune diseases?2023-02-06T05:59:55+00:00

The Autoimmune Registry notes that the top 10 most common autoimmune diseases include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Celiac Disease, Graves’ Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Lupus, Diabetes, Vitiligo, Rheumatic Fever, Pernicious anemia/atrophic gastritis, Alopecia areata, Immune Thrombocytopenic purpura. Please visit What We Treat page for more information.

Is the web portal HIPAA-compliant for my privacy?2023-10-24T13:51:57+00:00

Absolutely, our web portal is fully HIPAA compliant, guaranteeing the security and privacy of your medical records and data.

Is my personal information protected?2023-02-06T06:04:49+00:00

In addition to your health, your personal information is very important to us and it is constantly guarded and protected. We will never share your personal medical or any other personal information with third parties. Gundry Health platform is HIPAA and HITECH-compliant and provides full access to all your medical records and labs in one easy-to-use system.

Is my lab work an additional price to the monthly fee?2023-02-06T06:06:05+00:00

No, all lab and lab medical reviews are free of charge with your paid membership in Gundry Health.  Patients receive up to 4 in-depth lab panel reviews per year.

Is Diabetes an autoimmune disease?2023-09-16T21:53:14+00:00

Absolutely, Diabetes is indeed considered an autoimmune disease, and our medical providers are well-versed in addressing its complexities.

How often will I receive lab reports?2024-01-24T07:05:31+00:00

You’ll receive four annual blood lab reports, including a detailed 20+ page blood analysis, providing a comprehensive overview of your health throughout the year.

How many times do I need to get tested annually?2024-01-24T07:07:42+00:00

Each Gundry Health member receives up to 4 home blood spot tests annually. Your care coordinator reviews each test, and a full analysis and a care coordinator virtual visit is provided for each test.  You are not billed any additional fees for your home blood spot test.

How does your platform address diabetes management?2023-09-16T21:54:58+00:00

Our platform offers comprehensive medical consultations, regular lab tests, and personalized treatment plans specifically designed to help you manage your Diabetes effectively.

How do I join Gundry Health?2023-02-06T05:46:03+00:00

Joining Gundry Health is simple. Our sign-up wizard will guide you through the easily navigated steps. After completing the sign-up process, you will be asked to download Gundry Health mobile app. If for any reason you need help signing up please call our customer care representative at (855) 592-7939. Our care team will gladly help you with any issue. Join Gundry Health by simply clicking the link.


How do Gundry Health coordinators approach my care?2024-01-24T07:09:10+00:00

Our care coordinators look at multiple factors to determine the best guidance for each patient. These factors include overall member health, health history, lab results, nutrition, lifestyle, stress and other emotional factors. Please visit The Gundry Platform page.

Do you believe that Diabetes is caused by a leaky gut?2023-09-16T21:53:48+00:00

We acknowledge the growing research linking gut health to various conditions, including Diabetes. Our approach explores this connection for a holistic understanding of your health.

Do I need to extend my membership or is it done automatically?2023-02-06T06:04:28+00:00

Gundry Health membership is set to automatically renew each month. If you have more questions about membership renewals, please contact us.

Can I access my lab data and track my progress on the go?2023-10-24T11:48:42+00:00

Yes, our mobile app offers convenient access to your lab data and allows you to easily log your food intake, empowering you to track your health progress from anywhere, at any time.

Can curing a leaky gut help with Diabetes?2023-09-16T21:54:22+00:00

While we cannot promise a cure, we believe that addressing gut health can have a positive impact on managing Diabetes. Our personalized treatment plans often incorporate this approach.

Are your care coordinators trained in Dr. Gundry’s methods?2024-01-24T07:10:47+00:00

Yes, our care coordinators are trained in Dr. Gundry’s unique methods, ensuring you receive care rooted in cutting-edge medical knowledge.

Are there different autoimmune diseases?2023-02-06T06:00:47+00:00

Research shows there are more than 80 different types of autoimmune diseases. These diseases can affect broad aspects of the human body.

How does Gundry Health work?2024-01-24T07:12:21+00:00

Each member is assigned a Gundry Health care coordinator that provides a full lab review and outlines a personal plan. Every member receives up to 4 annual lab reports at no additional charge.

What Is Gundry Health?2024-01-24T07:13:36+00:00

The Gundry Health platform helps members improve gut health using integrated lab testing, care coordinator reviews, and ongoing monthly support. Members have access to a customized EMR system to review and maintain lab and other records.

Are lab tests included in my membership?2023-02-06T06:03:03+00:00

Unlike other programs, Gundry Health has NO additional charges for lab tests. All costs are covered under the monthly membership program.

Are autoimmune diseases dangerous and does it affect the lifespan?2023-02-06T06:00:15+00:00

Some Autoimmune diseases can be life threatening, but most of them are non-fatal. With correct treatment from reputable autoimmune diseases experts, those living with these diseases can expect to live a regular lifespan.

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Making Hard, Easy.

The Gundry Health protocol makes a very difficult diagnosis easy to understand and treat.  With over 20 years of successful treatments, Dr. Gundry’s protocol is now available on a national level with our integrated autoimmune care system.

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