A holistic approach to identifying Autoimmune disease

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes Treatment2024-04-15T19:04:18+00:00

Unlock Diabetes Freedom
With Holistic & Tailored Nutrition.

Gundry Health Team is your dedicated partner on the journey to conquer diabetes and embrace a life of vitality.

  • Advanced Lab Insights

  • Personalized Guidance

  • Long-Term Health Empowerment

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An appointment with a care coordinator will be scheduled. ✓

Gundry Health

Unlock better health:
Gundry’s Autoimmune Solution

20 Years of Expertise and Nutritional Wisdom to Guide Your Journey to Wellness.

Transform your life with holistic healing, advanced diagnostics, and tailored nutrition.

  • Advanced Lab Insights

  • Personalized Clinical Care

  • Long-Term Health Empowerment

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An appointment with a care coordinator will be scheduled. ✓

Discover Effective Diabetes Solutions

Join Gundry Health For Quality Healthcare At An Affordable Price

$999 one time fee + $199/month for ongoing concierge care

  • No hidden costs. No unexpected charges.

Tailored Diabetes Plan Just for You

Care coordinators will help you track your success throughout the process.

Say Goodbye to Diabetes: Embrace Natural Healing with Gundry Health!

Gundry Health Anthony Robbins

“Dr. Gundry’s thirty years of experience in the field of medicine have made him an invaluable resource to people all over the world. His provocative strategies will help you achieve the sustainable, healthy, and vital life you deserve.”

Anthony Robbins, bestselling author of “Awaken the Giant Within” and “Unlimited Power”

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Gundry Health
Gundry Health
Gundry Health

What’s included?

Care Coordinators will help you track your success throughout the process.

Unique Care

You’ll be assigned care coordinator trained in Dr. Gundry’s unique methods.

Virtual Care Visit

Your care coordinator will review labs and medical charts and provide a personalized treatment plan.


4 annual blood lab reports, including a 20+ page blood analysis for food sensitivities & more – all at no additional charge.

Mobile App & Web Portal

Provides access to lab data and easy to use food logging to track your progress. HIPAA compliant web portal provides access to your records and lab data.

Live A Healthy Life With Gundry Health. It’s A Good Day To Start!


Gundry Health provides clinical care for leaky gut and autoimmune disorders


Clinical Care Program for Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disorders


Detailed Food Logging and
Nutritional Analysis


Integrated Lab Data for over
140 Food Markets


Find Your Ideal Meal in Seconds with Our Fast and User-Friendly Food Search


Complete Overview of Your
Daily Nutrition


Detailed and Historical Lab Analysis Dashboard


Informed Meal Choices with Our Comprehensive Nutrition Database


Track Your Daily Meals and Achieve Your Health Goals with Our Food Logging Feature!


Yes/No Food List

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Telehealth Platform

How does your platform address diabetes management?2023-09-16T21:54:58+00:00

Our platform offers comprehensive medical consultations, regular lab tests, and personalized treatment plans specifically designed to help you manage your Diabetes effectively.

Can curing a leaky gut help with Diabetes?2023-09-16T21:54:22+00:00

While we cannot promise a cure, we believe that addressing gut health can have a positive impact on managing Diabetes. Our personalized treatment plans often incorporate this approach.

Do you believe that Diabetes is caused by a leaky gut?2023-09-16T21:53:48+00:00

We acknowledge the growing research linking gut health to various conditions, including Diabetes. Our approach explores this connection for a holistic understanding of your health.

Is Diabetes an autoimmune disease?2023-09-16T21:53:14+00:00

Absolutely, Diabetes is indeed considered an autoimmune disease, and our medical providers are well-versed in addressing its complexities.

How often will I receive lab reports?2024-01-24T07:05:31+00:00

You’ll receive four annual blood lab reports, including a detailed 20+ page blood analysis, providing a comprehensive overview of your health throughout the year.

Can I access my lab data and track my progress on the go?2023-10-24T11:48:42+00:00

Yes, our mobile app offers convenient access to your lab data and allows you to easily log your food intake, empowering you to track your health progress from anywhere, at any time.

What do your lab tests reveal about allergies and sensitivities?2023-10-24T11:47:30+00:00

Our lab tests provide valuable insights into what your body may be allergic or sensitive to. This information aids in crafting a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Are your care coordinators trained in Dr. Gundry’s methods?2024-01-24T07:10:47+00:00

Yes, our care coordinators are trained in Dr. Gundry’s unique methods, ensuring you receive care rooted in cutting-edge medical knowledge.

Is the web portal HIPAA-compliant for my privacy?2023-10-24T13:51:57+00:00

Absolutely, our web portal is fully HIPAA compliant, guaranteeing the security and privacy of your medical records and data.

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